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Hi I am having a relly simple model. Each time I am tying to get the 2D of the perspective view… Rhino gets waiting and waiting ethernally. Do you know what can it be ?


Could you post the model?

Yes, here you have. Thanks

The file is too big…do not know why. It is a super simple model.


There are a 2 objects in your model that have very fine threads. And 2 objects that have threads and knurling. These are the reason why it takes so long to “Make2D”.

Detail is great, but fasteners and threads if they can be represented in a simple way should be as simple as possible. When I hid those, the Make2D took about 10 seconds VS 6 minutes with the fasteners in your model

That’s where the threads come in (: If you clear all meshes before saving, your file will be about 1/4 the size.

For what it’s worth - Make2D is completely rewritten for Rhino 6 and I just tried this one on the latest WIP (Windows):

Successfully read file "C:\\[...]\Bench_Assembly-.3dm" Command: '_SelAll 17 curves, 44 polysurfaces added to selection. Command: Make2D Time to Make2D was 39,83 seconds

And that’s complete with all threads.
Result attached:
Bench_Assembly-Make2D.3dm (3.9 MB)

@GregArden , there are a few missing curves in the Make2D result from this model.

OK I can try to simplify it! Thanks

Thanks wim:

  1. What do you mean to clear the meshes ? ??
  2. Rhino 6??? for mac? ? ?

In order for Rhino to shade the NURBS surfaces (i.e. show anything else than the edges and isocurves), it needs to create a render mesh. This is not accessible in a direct way but you can influence how it looks by changing the settings in Document Properties > Mesh. You can also extract the render mesh. When these render meshes get heavy (either because there are many objects or the settings dictate that lots of triangles are created), it will take some time for Rhino to generate these. That is why these are saved in the Rhino file (so that they don’t need to be created all over again when you open the file the next time you will use it). You can use the command ClearAllMeshes to delete these meshes.

Nope. At this point, Rhino 6 is a WIP (Work-in-Progress) for the Windows platform. After it gets released for Windows, work will begin to make it release it on the Mac and that will also require a WIP phase. The code base will be the same for the two versions, so Make2D will also be faster on the Mac at that point.

Ok I managed! Thanks a lot. The only thing that worked for me was to eliminate the threads and do a helix with a curve.
Just if helps to feature problems that people will encounter.

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