2D Curve Booleans?

I need to create a definition for a parametric pattern and I get stuck to the last part where I need to create a boolean operation between all the curves that I created in Grasshopper. Basically I can’t find any way to do some 2D boolean operations between the curves.

I need to achieve the shape of the black lines drawn by me. All the pattern the same as the black lines.

In Rhino I’m using a lot the 2D Booleans but for some reason seems that this commands are not available in Grasshopper?

Would have been very helpful to have your code/curves to work with…?

2D_Curve_Booleans_2017Nov9a.gh (18.7 KB)

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You’re right, but I’m a bit ashamed with my solution, this is my first attempt to do something more serious in Grasshopper so please excuse any mistakes. I just started to learn how to use the components.

I know that can be made more simpler, but I will try to simplify when I will have a final working solution and understand what it is there! :slight_smile:

Circles_Intersection-.ghx (497.9 KB)

Actually are Arcs intersections. The end of the arcs are completed with straight lines to extend up to the interior rectangle. I don’t know how to use a condition “IF” the arcs are not touching the edges of the interior rectangle “Use extended Lines”, “ELSE” “Don’t use lines”.

I don’t have the “Heteroptera” plugin and didn’t analyze your code closely. I just grabbed some curves that seemed to be appropriate and applied the same algorithm:

Circles_Intersection_2017Nov9a.gh (27.1 KB)

Thank you. Much closer to what I need. The only remaining issues seems to be that the arcs are not trimmed by the interior rectangle if they are longer and the extension lines are disconnected.

Heteroptera it is used just to check the centers of the arcs. It is not essential and can be omitted.

I made some progress. Now I can’t find a solution to create a rectangle between the projected lines. I need to sort the lines somehow but I don’t know how to do so.

I’m trying another approach but still not working. :frowning:

Seems that the “Edge Surface” component don’t like my joined lines.

Circles_Intersection-.ghx (532.9 KB)

I revised your original definition a little bit… Take a look at the attachment.

Circles_Intersection_re.gh (17.3 KB)

Wow. Thank you. Almost there. Now only need to force the arcs to start from the edge and not from the middle.

If that is so important to you, just try as you did in your previous definition.

Circles_Intersection_reV2.gh (17.8 KB)

Much closer. I think the only remaining bit it is to make a Shift Value for the arcs from the both sides of the edges.

Minor fine tunes are up to you. Best

Thank you

Ahhh. One more issue.

How I can find if an angle between two edges is lower than a value and apply a fillet only there? I can apply a fillet to corners but I can’t select a specific corner by angle value or location.