2D and 3D modelling

Hey Guys,

I have a question. Most of the arch cad Progs have a Tool to make a parallel
Edge movement. For example: you have a 4 Point polygon and you want to Move one Edge without changing the Direction of the two edges beside . Is there a Button i Don’t Know? I don’t mean taper or 1d scale Any Ideas?? Best, dns

Just subselect the edge to move. Call the move command and move in the direction you want. Lock the direction by using the tab key while hovering over e.g. the middle point of a perpendicular edge.

Nice idea, but the two edges shoud Not change their angle…

They don’t if they are perpendicular. I suppose you have a different shape in mind. … in that case, explode, move the edge, and use connect to reconnect.

Hey again! is their a script or sth. else outside which can do an parallel edge move? i attatched two examples. i know that archicad has the perfect tool to this and the new vwx 2015 has this tool too… i made a Sketch where you can see what i mean… Best, Dennes

Untitled.pdf (133.7 KB) .

this would be very handy, especially if it works on solids like “moveface” but adjacent surfaces keeps their extensions not angle.

indeed it would be very handy.
MicroStation has this too, when working with solid object. It also has the ability to move along radial object without distorting the radius. E.g if you have revolved a profile you can move it along the the radius.

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for a design Workflow it is very important to use quick intuitive moves, without having to much steps between what u thinking and the result, like a Sketch. ->Draw what u think! The flow stops, if you thing more about the technical strategy to use, to get the result, as illustrating your Imagination.
You can fast create and manipulate 2d closed polylines, surfaces, or polysurfaces