2700x vs 3600 which is better

I am buying a new computer for rhino
but I’m thinking about what to buy with 2700x or 3600
which is better at rhino

Just look at game benchmarks, that’s a close enough approximation of how basic Rhino modeling works–OpenGl, light threading–without doing your own exotic coding.

Just because people here use Rhino–make it, even!–doesn’t mean we know anything about which cpu is the best one to get today at such and such a price. This hardware stuff changes day to day, yet also doesn’t matter because the differences are incremental and almost anything is going to “work,” a huge number of people here run crummy laptops with Intel video, which is objectively garbage. So just get something! Maybe get the cheaper one and go for more RAM or video… or not, who cares? Regardless Rhino will be spending most of its time sitting waiting on your input.

3700x : )

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3700x is 400dollars in Korea
but 2700x is only 210dollars

3700X is equal to dual Xeon E5 2680 v1. Go with Brenda’s recommendation and you won’t regret it.