2 Versions of Rhino.Inside®.Revit

we are running Revit2022 and Revit 2024 on our devices and i would like to ask, if it is possible to run different versions of Rhino.Inside.Revit on the same device?
we would need to run v1.0 together with revit2022 and the latest version of Rhino.Inside.Revit together with revit2024.
thank you for your help

What problem are you trying to solve?

we want to migrate an app which is based on rhino7 and rhinoinsiderevit v1.0 from revit 2022 to revit 2024 incl. rhino 8 and the latest version of RhinoInsideRevit. Additionally, the old environment must still work on the same device as we are drawing the current projects on 2022 and only new projects on 2024.

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The user is prompted to choose the Rhino Version. My understanding is that you want to target a custom Revit Addin based on this?

Correct, we want to utilize a Custom Revit Addin.
so is it correct, that i can simply pick the version when starting revit or Rhino? This would be great! Thanks!