2 Unrelated objects keep grouping themselves together

Hi All-
I have 2 objects (an oven and a window sash) that no matter how many times I explode and regroup them separately they will group themselves together. The oven was a block instance at one point but I blockexploded it before all of this.
I exported just these 2 objects from a much larger file so I could upload. If anybody can take a look it would be appreciated!

window and oven grouped.3dm (12.3 MB)

Hello - yep there is indeed a bug in the 6.2 release candidate and this has been fixed… The only way around it until the next release candidate is to make sure no groups are named Group01. In the affected versions all new groups are added as Group01 - so they all become one group…


Thanks Pascal I’ll wait for the next service release before I do anymore housecleaning…