2 sided Material

hi @nathanletwory hope i dont take you off off something important (actually i do hope)

how can i create a texture that the perpendicular surfaces have the 2nd texture? right now double sides obviously only works on a surface, but not on a polysurface…

here i basically exploded the polysurfaces and flipped the normals of the parts i wanted white. is there any way i can create that while leaving the closed objects in tact?

This kind of texturing you generally do with two separate materials, then assign to sub-objects in your polysurface, subd, or extrusion. A double-sided material is not the correct way to go about it in this case.

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dummy me… forgot that this is possible thanks Nathan.

ok believe i have misunderstood, i assumed i was somewhere along face color which does not work for materials, how do i throw the texture on a sub object selection?

Make a sub-object selection, then assign using the materials panel by right-clicking on the material and selecting Assing to objects.

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cool, thanks that worked! i would prefer drag and drop though, any chance that could be improved? it is also not very intuitive in that state, i am not a complete computer noob but i could not find that at all :frowning:

oh and match properties should also comply with sub object texture, at least that would be handy.