2 results with trim!


I’m trying too “Trim” but found it easier to split then keep the part I want.

Dim Split As Rhino.Geometry.Brep = ElementObj.Brep.Faces(0).Split(CrvList, doc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance)
doc.Objects.Delete(Element, True)

Dim FirstHalf As Geometry.Brep = Split.Faces(0).DuplicateFace(True)
Dim NewObjGuid As Guid = doc.Objects.AddBrep(FirstHalf)

The CrvList is a dupborder of the green/blue part.
The ElementObj is the Yellow object
The FirstHalf is the white object

Why doesnt it trim over the curve directly? I dont want some blue/green on the sides :stuck_out_tongue:

If I trim it by hand it looks like:

2nd question. If I split it. Is it possible to keep the attributes of the original object?

The picture don’t really help. Would really help is some geometry and working source code.

First thing on the list tomorrow. :slight_smile: