2 Point Vector on Grasshopper

I am trying to place columns on the base curves for a building, so I divide the curves to get 3 points which will be the points for the columns, then use a 2 point vector to create vectors between these points and the centroids of each floor curve. for some reason the vectors for the 3rd row of columns do not seem to work correctly in the 2pt vector component. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Columns.gh (24.4 KB)

Hi @o.ismail

You will need to graft the B input of the vector component.
This is to do with mapping where you have mapped 36 values to 3 resulting in a large amount of extra columns for the 3rd value of each set.

On a different note.
You may want to check the start point of the initial curves being used.

Thank you for the reply, it finally worked.

Yes I had also noticed the issue with the start point of the curves and have resolved it.
Thanks again for your help.