2 parameter optimizing

So I did some optimizing with galapagos with just one parameter. This made me wondering how you would optimize with 2 parameters? Is it only possible to make these parameters into 1 to optimize?

You have multiple options:

  • Add the numbers together and then optimise the total.
  • Multiply them.
  • Take the weighted average of them.
  • Use Octopus

Thanks alot for your suggestions!

If by “parameter”, you mean “fitness”, then Christopher’s answer is right, but there is actually an infinite number of options.
Have a look at this explanation : https://ieatbugsforbreakfast.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/define-fitness/

This method will be relevant to any simple objective solvers like Galapagos, Opossum, Goat, …
But could also be implemented in multi objective solvers.