2 mesh tools bugs

Hi McNeel team,

I have these mesh rods here that I need to cap its holes. There are 295 of these, and Rhino expects me to click on each one at a time. to do a FillMeshHoles expected me to do this one at a time. It will not let me marquee-select all my 295 meshes, it will only let me pick one at a time. This makes no sense.

As a workaround, I joined all the meshes into one (made out of all disjointed meshe), but when I do that and run _FillMeshHoles some invert its normals and produce open open objects:

here’s the .3dm file with these rods mesh_rods_gf_200825.3dm (1003.5 KB)



Hmm, yeah, I see that Rhino doesn’t do a really great job with that, it gets most of them right, but not all.

Here is a quickie Python script that attacks each open mesh individually, it seems to work a bit better…

CapAllMeshes.py (701 Bytes)