2 layers, same objects, different colors, how to keep specific layer "on top"?

I am comparing a bunch of holes in a large plate to make sure they are in the correct location. I am using 2 layers of different colors, switching one layer on/off and looking for misalignment of the holes. How can I keep one of the layers on top of the other layer in the display. In other words I want the black layer objects to always cover the red layer objects when they are in the same location and only show black. When the objects aren’t in the same location I can see both.

Rhino was doing this earlier, but now the red layer has precedence over the black layer. I’d like to be able to control which layer is the top layer.


Hi @montejw360,

Rhino allows to change the display order of objects per object. If you open the “Draw Order” toolbar from:

Tools > ToolBar Layout > Draw Order

you can assign a different draw order to all objects of one layer.


Thank you. Just what I was looking for.

A layer should have a draw order number assigned to it.