2-D drawing

I am trying to make 2-D drawings of selected views. At the beginning everything was fine but now it turns out that some of the views cannot be made into drawings.

Does anybody have an idea why it works only with some of the views?
Screenshots attached.



I saw this happening to some of my models too. This happened when the viewing angle (perspective) was at a low value (e.g. 20).
I think it is connected to the perspective viewing angle (I might be wrong).
But if you increase the value it should work.
Anyway at lower values you will have a “fisheye effect” which in my opinion distorts a lot the drawing…

To change the values use the toolbar called “Lens Length” - (right click on a visible toolbar, then choose “show toolbar” and pick the lens length toolbar)

Hope this is helpful to you.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, even when the “Lens Length” is set to 90 or 120 - the problem remains the same. The outcome of a 2D Drawing command are just some horizontal lines (as visible on the last attached picture).

Don’t know if any of this helps… --Mitch

@GregArden, I know we’ve seen this before - do you recall what the problem with some views angles is in these cases?