2 bogue with this file

Hello every one

with this file

P1804 bogue print pdf.zip

we have recently a bogue with rhino 6.
the bogue is whith pdf creator!

image on rhino 6 SR6

1 download and unzip the file.

try to print the A1H format

image generated by pdf creator.

do you have the bogu on your pc ?

Hello - printing to PDF Creator, A1 size, here is what I get-

P1804 bogue print pdf_CreatorTest.pdf (38.3 KB)

Does that look correct?



Yes is correct in wireframe mode but if you test printing in rendered mod then :cry:
the printing is not correct.


Got it thanks - the large detail has to be in Rendered mode. Seems to affect PDF Creator and CutePDF but not the Rhino pdf writer…



Yes:) I have testing with rhinoPDF, the PDF is good but he have a bad resolution, even if i choose 1200 dpi :frowning: