1D Resize On Gumball

I think that it would be a powerful feature to add a bounding box 1D resize on the gumball. Basically, you select objects(s), they are put in a translucent box you can drag to resize the box, which transforms the objects in an axial mode.

It’s interesting that 2D and 3D resize are on the Gumball. I think that over the years, I have used 2D and 3D resize, perhaps a hundred times, but I have used 1D resize 10s of thousands of times since I first started using Rhino.

In fact, that’s what, years ago, sold me on Rhino. When I have better mice, there is always a mouse button programed for it.

2D and 3D resize have their place, but their place is more often character modeling, more than industrial design.

How many of us have measured a board from the center, measuring out both ways?

Or do you just measure the total length

You simply relocate the gumball to where you want it and you can do what you are requesting.

I have an alias set up for relocate gumball and have the gumball set to snappy dragging.

that way it respects osnaps when you relocate it and when you scale it.


I have found relocating the Gumball center cumbersome. You aren’t doing a traditional relocation, so how are you single-clicking the point?
If I use the GumballRelocate command, it asks for all three axis.
I just reread the help, and didn’t see what you are doing.

(Thanks, this may be helpful, if there was more info)

Still, you aren’t doing a 1:1 side/edge translation for mouse movements?
It appears that it’s still doing a 2:1 multiplier. I hate that.

BTW, Bounding Box would be a helpful option on 1D-resize. I have done that hundreds of times. Perhaps it could be scripted.

[Seeing that it’s already programed, I hope that Pascal’s Dragpoint, which became point _Point _Between will be in the standard Rhino V8 toolset. I use it nearly every time I use Rhino. It’s especially helpful for putting points in blocks for aligning their parts. It’s also helpful for putting points in things when you understand the center, but it’s not a snap. Oddly, the idea came my 1986 crappy bitmap “CAD” program, called Drawshell, but there was likely something like that in other CAD programs, I hope.*

I have icons for _Point _Between, I can share.

There was an point_endpoint, which I used for measuring, once in a while, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.]


_-GumballRelocate _Pause _Enter

Actually you don’t need the _Pause - you can’t relocate the gumball without something selected.

_-GumballRelocate _Enter

I have two scripts on my github you can use for this, as well as an icon for it.


It does this:

I use it often also for aligning stuff at the bottom or top of things.


you can simply place it with one click and hit enter to accept the axis alignment, or continue clicking and spec the alignment.

I just accept the default in most cases.