© 1993-${BUILD_YEAR} in app details on macOS

macOS 10.15.7 — Rhino 7.2 SRC - Version 7 (7.2.20343.11012, 2020-12-08)

@Joachim_Kuntz is this something for you?

Rhino 7.app? Looks real strange, not sure what might have happened here.

@nathanletwory I’ve just searched my strings but couldn’t find anything wrong. Should we launch a bug on YouTrack?

Hi @msmr that screencapture looks to be from Quicklook (in Finder, selecting the app bundle and pressing space) …if I’m not mistaken. It’s weird on macOS 11.1, I don’t get the Copyright info…

I think I see where this bug lies, but I don’t understand where else it might show up in Rhino itself.

You´re right.