100% CPU load while doing nothing

Hi all.

Since some time I’m using Rhino 8/wip to work with SubD + curvature analysis (thanks again, works fine).
I still use wip rarely, because we can’t automatically save in rhino 7 format. If we could, we would only use rhino 8 and test it and new features much more, compared to now (almost never).
Think about this! Seriously!

People who work with rhino daily can’t possibily start making dozens and dozens of files that later might become hell to re-open (after 8 release), that is an auto-sabotage! If we have to discern 7.3dm to 8.3dm all the time, we just avoid using 8.
We will buy 8, sure, but we prioritize workflow today, now.

What happens:

  • simple rhino file, just a single “big” SubD (copy-pasted from 7), a whole bike frame (can’t share it).
  • start curvature analysis mode
  • turn on control points of the subd
  • remove subd type from selection filter (working just on control points)
  • edit control points, specifically using just Scale command (yes, sad, up to today this is my best alternative, no better tool to handle control points)

after that^, randomly , even while doing nothing (apparently) , cpu load go to 90% and never stops (maybe 15/16 threads of my cpu? 7/8cores?), only solution is restart rhino.

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hi @maje90 when you say big, can you attach some numbers to that? Then I will try to reproduce by creating a similar complex object and follow your steps. Of course a file that shows the behavior is preferred, confidential files can be uploaded here

Hi @Gijs … I were talking about SubDs of about 1.5k vertices …

Since lasts WIP versions this no longer occurs.
I’ll report here if I see it again.