1. Warning: 'RMA.Rhino.MRhinoDoc' obsolete

Hi there
I’m trying to use a scrpited component downloaded from the website of the TU DELFT (thanks to them). This grasshopper routine they produced is supposed to create a ramp from ANY curve in plan (very useful if it worked).
However it’s an old file, and one of the component is custom scripted with elements that don’t seem to work anymore.
here it are the warnings:

  1. Warning: ‘RMA.Rhino.MRhinoDoc’ est obsolète : 'Use RhinoCommon if possible
  2. Warning: ‘RMA.Rhino.MRhinoApp’ est obsolète : ‘Use RhinoCommon if possible (http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/rhinocommon)’. (line 43)

and here is the complete script:

Private Sub RunScript(ByVal Points As List(Of On3dPoint), ByVal Height As Double, ByRef TranslatedPoints As Object) 
    Dim numberOfPoints As Integer = Points.Count()
    Dim heightBetweenPoints As Double = Height / numberOfPoints
    Dim NewPoints As New List(Of On3dPoint)

    Dim index As Integer
    For index = 0 To (numberOfPoints - 1)
      Dim existingPoint As On3dPoint = Points(index)

      Dim newPoint As New On3dPoint
      newPoint.x = existingPoint.x
      newPoint.y = existingPoint.y
      newPoint.z = existingPoint.z + (heightBetweenPoints * (index + 1))


    TranslatedPoints = NewPoints
  End Sub 

I’m just an old architect trying to design stuff and all since is like an Alien language to me.
Anyone could help me find a replacement for either the whole script or the incorrect commands?
Here is a link to the original file:

Thanks all for your help

It will have to be the whole script as it uses an SDK which has been marked as obsolete and will at some point be removed.

private void RunScript(List<Point3d> Points, double Height, ref object TranslatedPoints)
  var count = Points.Count;
  var step = Height / count;
  var newPoints = new List<Point3d>(count);

  for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
    newPoints.Add(Points[i] + new Vector3d(0, 0, step * (i + 1)));

  TranslatedPoints = newPoints;

translatedscript.gh (6.1 KB)

It’s not too hard to do this without scripting incidentally: unscriptedscript.gh (8.5 KB)

Thanks a lot David. if i understand correctly this would replace this specific obsolete script inside the whole original grasshopper?

I don’t know what that means. The file you uploaded has a script component which is currently marked as Obsolete, but still works for the time being. You can replace that script component with the one I uploaded, but at no point does the “whole” of Grasshopper enter into it.