1-31-17 WIP e-map doesn't work in all display modes

I can only get analysis e-maps in rendered and arctic display modes. All the other modes where you expect it show a uniform white outline of the object selected for e-mapping.

By comparison, Zebra mapping works fine in all modes where it should.

In my current in-house build, It works on most of the working display modes but not in Technical, Artistic, Pen, and Raytraced
I get the same behavior using Zebra, CurvatureAnalysis, and the the other false color analysis tools.

Are you still seeing this behavior?
I’ll check with the bigger brains and see what is expected to work.
My guess is this is a bug for most of those modes but perhaps not all.

Thanks for looking into this, John. I’ve checked the behavior in all modes using the 2-28-17 WIP and all seem to work OK as you see there.