0,0 as center for UVeditor

Hi McNeel
There’s a tiny little buglet in the UVeditor. I usually center my UV maps on 0,0,0 by choosing Center when prompted for the first corner and then typing 0 enter but this no longer works. Instead I need to type 0,0 enter which is of course manageable, but a PIA nonetheless :slight_smile: Can the “just type 0 for world center” be reinstated?
TIA, Jakob


Can this please be tuned up - it’s driving me friggin’ NUTS!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: It’s the only Rhino command (to my knowledge) that doesn’t accept 0 as the world center. Doing a lot of UV mapping for upholstry right now, and V7 lets me double click edges to chain seams in Unwrap, which is such a pleasure. Moving on to UVEditor for positioning gets me agitated every single time just because of that stupid 0,0! It can’t be that difficult - it’s not like I’m asking for a better block system or a 3D-to-2D-associated make2d command!
(Rant over)

@Jussi_Aaltonen one for you?

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RH-63059 UVEditor: Does not accept zero as world origin

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