_units leads to crash of Rhino 4 Mac

I’m new to this so please feel free to move my topic around to where it belongs if not here:

If I start up the latest version of Rhino 4 Mac (german) and then want to set my units to meters I was used to type the command “_units” this now (after updating) leads to my mac showing me the wheel and rhino not working anymore. I can change to meters anyway if I use the menu.


FWIW, works fine here (English / American style). Typing ‘units’ & ‘_units’ produces this …


could you open this menu with the command “_units”? The menu works for me too, just not opening it by typing the command. Might be a language issue.


Typing the above in the command lines opens the Document properties dialog box with Units selected. It works for me from the command line with units and _units.

Good luck

I am able to reproduce this issue on my computer (when the language is set to German). Logged in MR-1525. Thanks for reporting this.