_Layout Command - Changes Document Grid Settings

Why are my Grid option settings being changed when I create a new layout? Here is what they are being changed to, which seems to be an odd set up for grids.

Previous to running _Layout I have my settings for Grid to be:
Minor grid lines every: .25";
Major grid lines every: 4 minor grid lines;
Snap Spacing: .0625"

Is there a way to prevent this change of options from occurring every time I create a new layout? I have searched and cannot find any others having this issue.

I am running Windows 7, 64bit, Rhino Version 5 SR13 64-bit

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Hi Ned - are you saying that running the Layout command changes the grid, or is that with every new model you see the grid reverts? If the latter, see Help on Template files - you can set up a template that has the grid and other document settings the way you like, and always use that file.

OK - I see the problem… looks buggy to me - thanks.

Hmmm sometimes and sometimes not - still poking.
So, as far as I can see the grid for layouts draws its setting from Rhino’s default ‘built-in’ template and not the current doc, and that seems wrong to me too.


Thanks for checking into this Pascal! Let me know if you find a work around or any reason this would be happening. From what I remember it has always done this, even earlier versions.

Just to confirm I do use my own custom templates with grid set to my preferences and yes the grid settings change after creating a new layout.