_Between Osnap is missing


when a point is asked, we can hold Ctrl while the mouse is over the Osnap toolbar.
In V5, this also reveals the _Between option.

In V6, _Between is missing:

This is V5:

Again in V6, in non-hovered state, there is an optical glitch:


Try the Shift key… I know, it’s bizarre… --Mitch

I tried Shift before, because I always forget what I need to hold down anyway.
But I was blind…

Thank you Mitch.

When the position change is intended, why?
I don’t find it so very useful.


I don’t like the Ctrl/Shift mechanism anyway.
The way it is it feels like a secret, and Ctrl/Shift were cheat codes.
Why not a button ‘More options’ or so, enabled only when it makes sense?
Or a Hamburger menu?

In trainings, to explain the mechanism is fun because of the surprise.
In fact it is forgotten fast… a good chance to repeat the surprise.

But what about disabled people?
I know 2 one-handed.
They don’t have a chance, they have to type.

The same was with sub-selection.
But this is now good in V6:


That’s quite the hiding place for between! I never noticed percent before. Interesting