Serengeti   Grasshopper2

WISH: Copy everything connected to this output (1)
WISH: Sort items in a list without the need to provide indices list (9)
WISH: Remove duplicates from a list component (6)
Can GH2 have a "Requirement" component? (5)
Superimposed GH Viewport directly in Rhino (3)
Your Opinion on Tree Simplification Rules (10)
Datatrees in Grasshopper 2.0 ( 2 ) (30)
WISH: Groups being only border as an option (3)
Wish: changes in search - better descriptions, temporary disable, scroll through tabs (1)
UI - wires - Wishlist (12)
Wish: OpenEXR / 32 bit TIFF etc (1)
Archicad Live Parameter Extract (2)
Poisson sampling in GH2 (1)
Zoom (+/-) in GH and Rhino (3)
Have "merge" component output list order according to input order (10)
Ribbon categories sorting (NOT layout customization) (1)
Grasshopper 2 Category (18)
Wish Grasshopper windows with gradient transparent background (12)
Wish: Stupidity filter/ solver time out limit (7)
Wish: better Windows multitouch performance on Grasshopper (5)
Wish: bug fix / improvement of ValueList: (3)
Wish: Publish to Remote Panel (2)
Timeline editor for GH2 - wish (11)
Wish: Change wire style of the whole component (20)
Wish: change wire type of relay (1)
Wish: more control over wires (13)
Wish: Concave Hull (4)
Wish: MiniMap access from menu "VIEW" and more persistent (or dockable) (3)
Wish: Transform Relay into Container (11)
Wish:Zoom Extends excluding GH results of Blindfolded components (1)