Serengeti   Grasshopper2

Ribbon categories sorting (NOT layout customization) (1)
Datatrees in Grasshopper 2.0 ( 2 ) (29)
Grasshopper 2 Category (18)
Wish Grasshopper windows with gradient transparent background (12)
Wish: Stupidity filter/ solver time out limit (7)
Wish: better Windows multitouch performance on Grasshopper (5)
Wish: bug fix / improvement of ValueList: (3)
Wish: Publish to Remote Panel (2)
Timeline editor for GH2 - wish (11)
Wish: Change wire style of the whole component (20)
Wish: change wire type of relay (1)
Wish: more control over wires (13)
Wish: Concave Hull (4)
Wish: MiniMap access from menu "VIEW" and more persistent (or dockable) (3)
Wish: Transform Relay into Container (11)
Wish:Zoom Extends excluding GH results of Blindfolded components (1)
Wish: ifError (8)
Wish: toggle with single click (as an option) (2)
Rhino6 + GH2.wip? (7)
Wish: Live Keyboard Input capture (9)
Rhino Layout tools (4)
WISH: Replace item in manage collection (1)
Toolbars same Rhino or similar (7)
Wish: Simple data switch by If statement (5)
Organizing user objects (1)
.gh script of the image displayed in "rhino6 for windows" (2)
Request for more events in GH2 (2)
Enhancement request for the recent files tiles (4)
More responsive pan and zoom multi-touch support (1)
Have "merge" component output list order according to input order (6)